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This is a work that is a part of a residency organized by and at Kolkata Centre For Creativity, (KCC), Where I worked on the city of Kolkata, I was looking for its identity and how the colonial rule has influenced its culture in the terms of architecture.

I closely looked at old par street cemetery which one of the city's oldest cemetery dating back to the colonial rules. The cemetery was used for the burials of high-rank British officers of that time. The vastly made architecture as their tombs which given me a distinct connection with the city's old architecture.

I shot some of its famous tombs from. very architectural point of view and then printed the images using one of the alternative photographic process called "Gum Oil" print.

The gum oil process is one of the early alternate photographic process invasion by Karl.p Koenig during the early '90s. In this process, we make our photosensitizing paper by using dichromate and gum Arabic on 100% cotton paper and then we expose our transparent positive to get a negative on the paper, which then further coated with Black Oil paint and then carefully we remove the paint while revealing the positive image.

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