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The images seen here are Ambrotypes or wet plate collodion prints that are made in the present and produced directly on glass. They illustrate Sahoo’s as well as other contemporary artists’ meticulous engagement with the same medium – Israel Arino, Pierre Wetzel and Laure Ledoux to name a few.

Sahoo pays homage to the archive and to vintage photo processes that need ‘retrieval’ provoking some of the most searching questions about the origination of photographic styles, their social effects, and public reception. The ‘portrait’ has been instrumental in shaping how identity is perceived and provokes questions around the intricacies of image construction too.

Practitioners like Sahoo articulate their interest in such forms of photography because of its indexical link to the world – as an accomplished image-maker often transforms this connection. Their manifestations, as well as Sahoo’s, are not only a window onto the world, but primarily their own world, mediated as a historical trace.

By: Rahaab Alana

MEDIUM: Wet Plate Colldion Glass Plate (Ambrotype)

SIZE: 8" X 10"

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