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the dance of myth

This work is inspired by the Book called "Chariots Of The God", by Erich Van Daniken. 

From decades there is a constant debate on the existence of God, many scientists, and the religious organization has put their theory on its existence, similarly, there is constant debate on the existence of alien too. 

In the book, Van Dieken has given many theories while comparing the Gods with Aliens with taking examples from all religious books and stories. He has compared the religious text from all the religions and tried to prove his theories, which I found very interesting and at the same time very mimicking. 

As I being a non-believer, and as I always work on religious conflicts and its myths I found Van Dieken's theories very convincing and also humorous. So I took his overall concept of comparing all religious past events with the arrival of aliens and decided to show them in my work.

I staged one of India's classical dance called Bharat Natyam, which is one of the oldest form of Indian classical dance where the dancers always depicts the events from the Hindu religion mythological stories and shot them on my film camera.

Then I printed them on silver gelatine paper in the darkroom and collaborated with an illustrator , "Avisekh Mukherjee to make illustrative drawings on the prints depicting different forms of Alien Invasion.

MEDIUM: Silver Gelatin FB Print and Ink

SIZE: 12" X 16"

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